Riposte is an award winning smart magazine for women.

Riposte profiles bold and fascinating women who challenge power structures and stereotypes. Essays and features cover a broad range of issues including art, design, music, business, innovation, politics, social justice and environmental issues.

Riposte, magazine for woman

Riposte is a biannual magazine and online platform dedicated to smart and thought-provoking content for women. Founded and edited by Danielle Pender, the magazine aims to fill a gap in the market by offering content beyond the typical focus of beauty, fashion, and relationships often found in women's magazines. Instead, Riposte features profiles of bold and inspiring women, in-depth interviews, essays, and creative features covering a wide range of topics including art, design, music, business, politics, social justice, and environmental issues​.

Each issue of Riposte is crafted with a commitment to honest and candid conversations. The magazine highlights the successes and failures of accomplished women, providing readers with genuine insights into their journeys and achievements. This approach is intended to inspire and inform readers, offering a sense of connection and relatability​.

Riposte has been recognized for its quality and design, receiving nominations and awards such as the Design Museum's Design of the Year Award and a gold European Design Award. The magazine is available internationally, both online and in select bookstores across various cities