Online Stores

 Lexington Squarespace Template


The Squarespace template Lexington incorporates a colorful and playful design. The homage shows a start screen with all relevant info and a number of sections with information about the company, the products, the people and videos. The shop section shows all the products, the video section the videos related to the product, the about section the related business idea and the contact section basic contact information and a webform. As per default the template comes along with a combination of orange and yellow with a contrasting black footer.

Cacao Squarespace Template


The Squarespace template Cacao incorporates a stylish and colorful design defined by its many background images and colors. The homepage portrays the main products of the webshop with powerful fuill-screen sized background images. The gift set section is kept at an exactly same style. Both sections allow for a direct chart adding, what makes the way to the checkout very short. The about section works with an alteration between background images and colored backgrounds. The interestingly aggregated help section includes shipping information, frequently asked questions and a contact form.

Brine Squarespace Template


The Squarespace template Brine incorporates a clean and minimalistic design. As such the design moves to the background and the images dominate the appearance. The homepage portrays the products of the webshop with multiple text and image elements. The product overview page is very minimalistic and incorporates an image which changes on hover (optimal to show a package from outside and the product itself on hover). The individual product items are kept minimalistic and simple, including title, text and image. As per default the template comes along with a white background and black texts.

Crosby Squarespace Template


The Squarespace template Crosby comes along with a clean design and a grey theme which easily can be changed to another set of colors. The start screen consists of a full screen image and there are a number of full screen width images throughout the template. The homepage consist of various teasers for the shop and blog section and give an overview of the website content. As per default the menu bar is split into 3 parts, with the logo on the left, the menu items in the middle and the social media icons on the right side.

Hester Squarespace Template


The Squarespace template Hester comes along with a clean design and a black and white theme. In the demo website Hester appears colorful because of the images with a carefully chosen spectrum of colors as background. The start screen consists of a full screen image with some title and a button linking straight to the webshop. As per default, the homepage consist of a teaser showing products from the shop, a banner and a newsletter sign-up. The menu bar is split into 2 parts, with the logo in the middle, the menu items on the left and the social media and shop icons on the right side.