Squarespace Calendar Block

  1. The Calendar Block pulls content from another page on your site.
  2. It’s frequently used with events from an Events Page, but you can also use it with blog posts, products, gallery pages, and album tracks.
  3. We'll go over using this block with each page type.
  4. Open a page or post editor and click an Insert Point.
  5. In the Block Menu, select Calendar.
  6. We’ll click and drag the block to move it to the desired location.
  7. In the Calendar Block Editor, select an existing page to display links to items within it based on their published date and time.
  8. Once done, click Save.
  9. Much of the look of this block depends on the information added to each item in the page.
  10. If it has an excerpt, it’ll display when you hover over the event.
  11. Days with multiple events will have each’s title and time display.
  12. And once you click on an item, its original page will open.
  13. You can display an Event Page’s upcoming and past events as we’ve just seen.
  14. Posts within a Blog Page.
  15. Tracks within an Album Page.
  16. Gallery Page Images.
  17. And Products within a Product Page.
  18. To maximize the look of your calendar block, we recommend adding excerpts and thumbnail images to every item.