Tags and Categories for Squarespace blog

  1. Add tags and categories to a Blog Page to organize your content and help visitors find similar posts.
  2. In the Home Menu click Pages and select a Blog page.
  3. To create a new blog post click the + sign or hover over an existing blog post and click Settings.
  4. Add tags to your blog post separating each tag with a comma.
  5. Click x to remove a tag you’ve entered.
  6. Create categories to further organize your blog posts.
  7. Click Save to publish the changes.
  8. You’ll find several Content Blocks that utilize tags and categories to filter your content.
  9. For example I’d like to create a Summary Block that filters all of my blog posts categorized as Journal.
  10. In the Summary Block settings I can select to show items with the category Journal or any tag I’ve created.
  11. Your readers will also see tags within each blog post.
  12. clicking on any tag displays similar posts.
  13. I’d also like to create a Navigation Link that displays all of my Interview blog posts within the same page.
  14. To create a Navigation Link navigate to the Pages panel and click the + sign.
  15. Select "Link” from the Pages Menu Title your page.
  16. Then select “Click to add URL.”
  17. Select “Content” and navigate to a blog page.
  18. Choose a category or tag,
  19. To preview your Navigation Link click the “Hide Arrow” to enter full preview.
  20. Now I’d like to merge two tags, "animals" and "environment," into a new tag, "nature."
  21. However, I don't want to re-tag each blog post manually.
  22. In the Blog Panel, click the gear icon to open the Blog settings.
  23. Select Advanced.
  24. From here you can remove, rename or merge multiple tags or categories and your blog posts will be updated accordingly.